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Akmal Sharopov

Real Estate Consultant
Experience : 8 years
Specialization : Primary market
Languages : Uz, En, Ru
Akmal is a dedicated and proactive professional with 8 years of experience in the UAE real estate industry. He was born and raised in Uzbekistan but moved to Dubai 15 years ago. Prior to his real estate career, Akmal worked in sales and retail for 7 years. He works well under pressure delivering effective results in a given time. He enjoys new tasks, challenges and achieving goals. In 2017, Akmal was a finalist of the Property Finder TOP 10 Award. He considers himself to be an “asset” with a wide variety of skills that can be used when needed or in non-standard situations. He learns and adapts quickly. Also being very patient, he communicates and teaches others easily, and always remains positive. A little about personal life Akmal is a versatile person. He is creative and analytical, energetic and thoughtful at the same time. Akmal is married, and in his free time, he enjoys going to the theater as well as reading books. His favorite sport is boxing.
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