Emine SidzhimovaImage
Emine SidzhimovaImage

Emine Sidzhimova

Property Consultant
Experience : 1 year
Specialization : Secondary market – Jumeirah Golf Estates
Languages : En, Bg
Emine was born in Bulgaria and lived in London for 16 years. She holds degrees in International Business Management, Management Finance, International Corporate and Commercial Law, and more. Emine studied at prestigious universities in England – London Business School,London School of Economics and Political Science, King's College London, etc. She started her career in a logistics startup where she worked for 5 years. Then Emine devoted more than 10 years to work in the field of corporate finance in various international corporations. Emine has been living in Dubai for 4 years and has been working in real estate for a year. Her ability to learn quickly, close attention to detail, communication and problem-solving skills give her an edge when looking for properties and making deals. A little about personal life Tennis and horse riding are Emine's favorite hobbies, and books and podcasts are her best friends. Emine has a keen interest in the issues of human rights protection, natural disasters, and humanitarian aid. She devotes part of her free time to charity and volunteer work.
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