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Fadi Hija

Regional Manager
Experience : 8 years
Specialization : Primary market, International market
Languages : En, Ar
Fadi was born in Algeria, where he spent his childhood. Later, he moved to Jordan for 15 years, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Programming. After graduation, he relocated to Kuwait and managed a sales team of 50 people at the biggest electronics retailer in the region for 7 years. Fadi has been living in Dubai for 8 years now. He has worked as a Senior Property Consultant with one of the UAE’s developers for 7 years before joining the AX CAPITAL team. Here in AX CAPITAL, Fadi is doing great. He made a total of over 300 million AED deals and nearly 30 million AED in a few months as a property consultant before being promoted to Regional Manager and building his own team. As an avid learner, Fadi learned how to deal with clients remotely and through the phone as this was new for him coming from a "face-to-face sales" background. He managed to build a very strong network with the market major developers and with an amazing group of clients. He is also a perfectionist and likes to complete his tasks in the smallest amount of time, understanding that time is the most important currency for every investor. A little about personal life Great movies, books, and traveling are Fadi's passions. Lately, he has discovered his favorite activity, which is spending time with his son. He wants to build the best relationship with him and watch him grow until he is old enough to be his best friend. He plans to work hard for the next 10 years and then retire after providing financial security for himself and his family. Fadi believes in change, is open to new things and adapts to the fast-moving world.
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