Igor KhomenkoImage

Igor Khomenko

Property expert
Experience : 1 year
Specialization : Primary market
Languages : Uk, Ru, En
An ambitious and pleasant real estate specialist with whom any transaction will be successful. Igor was born and raised in Ukraine, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in traffic safety engineering. After graduating from university, Igor moved first to Qatar for a year and a half, and then to Dubai, where he has been living for over 5 years now. Igor's previous work experience was mainly related to the hospitality industry. He started his real estate career from scratch and closed 20 deals in the first year. He is details oriented, works 24/7, always sticks to his plans, and feels great once he achieves them. A little about personal life Igor is an interesting, versatile person, which is reflected in his hobbies. He is a big fan of chess, loves going to the gym and playing basketball. Our expert is also fond of foreign languages and playing the guitar, loves puzzles, and tattoos. A survivor, he missed boarding a plane that crashed 5 years ago. He also considers himself lucky to be part of the AX CAPITAL team and wants to become one of the best experts on the market.
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