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Irina Kareevskaia

Property consultant
Experience : 10 years
Specialization : Первичный рынок
Languages : En, Ru
Irina was born and raised in Moscow. She has a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and a Master's degree in Crisis Management from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 10 years, Irina has built an impressive career in real estate. She has previously worked with the largest real estate agency in Moscow for 4 years and served as deputy head of the department of strategic management for 3 years in the biggest corporation in real estate in Russia, Dom.rf. She was also a property sales manager for a developer in Montenegro for 2 years. Irina moved to Dubai a year ago and aims to become one of the best real estate experts in the UAE. She is confidently moving towards her goal – and has closed nine deals in 3 months after joining us. This is just the beginning of her successful journey. A little about personal life Irina enjoys outdoor activities such as racing, skydiving, marathons, and traveling. She visited 34 countries and has a passion for mountains. She climbed Elbrus. And as a big dog enthusiast, she owns a German Shepherd.
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