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Kacper Rzezwicki

Property consultant
Experience : 2 years
Specialization : Primary market
Languages : En, Pl
Kacper is an energetic and promising off-plan market specialist. He mainly grew up in Poland, but traveled with family across Europe to see new places. After high school, he lived in most of the West European countries including England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium. Kacper has an interesting combination of previous work experience. He has worked with Amazon, a car rental service as well as a construction company, doing gypsum walls and ceilings. He moved to Dubai 2 years ago to work as cabin crew with Emirates airlines, but quickly found his purpose in the real estate industry. He enjoys showcasing the best projects to customers and helping them to make the right and profitable decisions. His clients appreciate his great attention to detail and highest standard of customer service. A little about personal life Kacper is always smiling and stays positive even in complicated situations. He is great at making friends and bonding with people. His main hobbies are traveling, diving and snowboarding. In his free time, he also enjoys going to the beach or bike rides and taking walks.
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