Kristina PodornikovaImage
Kristina PodornikovaImage

Kristina Podornikova

Property Consultant
Experience : 1 year
Specialization : Primary market
Languages : En, Ru, Ro, Uk
Born and raised in Moldova, Kristina is a responsible, punctual and friendly professional. She graduated in Philology from the Chisinau State University (now USM). For 15 years, Kristina had a beautiful career as a wedding planner in her home country. She owned a wedding planning agency as well as a floristic studio where she was a creative designer. She also hosted a TV show, The Wedding Planner. Kristina moved to Dubai a year ago and began building a successful career in real estate. She quickly earned the trust of clients that highly recommend her. They praise her constructive approach and great communication skills. She knows how to deal with clients to make them feel comfortable, always showing transparency and respect. She doesn't only listen to her clients, but also understands them. Kristina believes that a good real estate professional should be a sociable person. A little about personal life In her free time, Kristina enjoys reading books, traveling, meeting interesting people and spending time with her family. She is fond of photography and always ready to capture the beauty around her.
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