Mukul WadhwaImage
Mukul WadhwaImage

Mukul Wadhwa

Senior Property Consultant
Experience : 7 years
Specialization : Secondary market
Languages : En, Ur, Hi, Sd, Pa
Mukul grew up in New Delhi, India. He visited Dubai several times before moving, fell in love with the city and has been living here with his family for over six years. Mukul holds a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) degree. Has been recruiting IT staff for Fortune 500 US companies. One of Mukula's achievements in real estate is the selection of 80 properties for rent for the entire teaching staff of the educational company, GEMS. At Ax Capital, he quickly established himself by renting out 48 apartments in Dubai Hills in a very short time. Mukul knows how to solve any tasks and is not afraid to make decisions. He is purposeful and energetic. With his work and experience, Mukul serves as an example for colleagues and a reliable advisor for clients. A little about personal life Mukul is a charming and resourceful person with strong intuition and an assertive personality that help him stand out from the crowd. In his spare time he plays snooker, badminton. Mukula is fascinated by innovation and technology.
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