Rinata LysykhImage
Rinata LysykhImage

Rinata Lysykh

Property Consultant
Experience : 3 years
Specialization : Primary market
Languages : En, Ru
Rinata graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University. She holds a BA in Theory and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching. For over 5 years, Rinata has worked in corporate investment banking, developing a strong business acumen. But in 2017 she moved from Moscow to Dubai and started her career in real estate. Rinata is a perfectionist. She treats work as a very personal journey and strives to achieve excellence in customer service. Thanks to deep knowledge and dedication, Rinata has made a number of successful deals with the Ax Capital team. A little about personal life Rinata has a passion for the visual arts, literature and travel. She enjoys discovering new realities through exploring different cultures and countries. Rinata harmoniously combines career aspirations and personal development with family values ​​and marital happiness.
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