Vadim SarandiImage
Vadim SarandiImage

Vadim Sarandi

Senior Sales Manager
Experience : 6 years
Specialization : Primary market
Languages : En, Ru, Ro
Vadim was born in Chisinau, where he graduated in the field of economic law. He lived and worked in Moscow for 3 years. He started his FMCG career in multinational companies Carlsberg and Danone. Vadim has been living in Dubai since 2015. The first 3 years he was engaged in the sale and rental of housing in the secondary market, then switched to the primary market. Now Vadim holds a management position and continues to actively sell. Even in the midst of a general quarantine, he closed the largest deal in the company's history. Vadim is an irrepressible perpetual motion machine. He comes to work earlier and leaves later than everyone else. He is always punctual and attentive to details, and appreciates the time and money of clients. A little about personal life Vadim is a supporter of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, in which he allows small exceptions for informal gatherings with friends and colleagues. In his youth, he successfully combined his love of reading and active boxing. Vadim is always aware of the latest events in the cultural, economic and political life of the CIS countries.
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