Secondary commercial real estate in Dubai


Resale commercial property for sale in Dubai

Commercial real estate in Dubai is represented by office premises in central areas, shops, warehouses and other facilities, the use of which allows owners to make a profit. For expats, this is an affordable opportunity to invest money in the steadily developing economy of the UAE. There are several large business districts in the metropolis, including Business Bay, DIFC, Dubai South, Dubai Media City. Commercial spaces in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Internet City are no less in demand.

There are over 30 free economic zones in the city, which open up wide opportunities for foreigners to do business. The Dubai Land Department has been registering a regular increase in the value of real estate in Dubai and an increase in the number of transactions in recent years. The annual capitalization of the cost of such properties makes investments in commercial real estate in Dubai on the secondary market profitable.

Types of commercial real estate

Below is the potentially most profitable commercial property in Dubai:

  • Office spaces. Furnished offices with high-quality finishes are sold and rented more expensive than empty ones. The rental price depends on the area. For example, in Business Bay, a small office can be rented for $11,000 a year. In Jumeirah Lake Towers, a similar property can bring a profit of $15,000.
  • Coworking spaces. These are collective offices that are in demand because of the possibility to divide the rent into several tenants. The cost of renting such a small office can reach $5,000.
  • Retail spaces. Even a small store with an area of up to 10 m2 can be rented for $4,000 - $5,000 a year. Tenants are willing to pay up to $1 million for spacious retail space.
  • Storage facilities. It gained particular popularity during the pandemic, when most of the trade moved to the Internet space. Renters are willing to pay for free space from $6,000 or more.
  • They are used to open apartment buildings, business centers, shopping complexes, hotels.

Cost of secondary commercial property

Prices for secondary commercial real estate in Dubai depend on the size of the premises and its functionality. On average, the cost per square meter is lower than that of the housing stock. But much is also connected with the location. Facilities in the central and sought-after areas of the city are more expensive than in other communities. A small office can be purchased at a price of $200,000. At the same time, the cost of a spacious room in the city center can reach up to $2.8 million. The price of retail outlets starts from $250,000 and reaches several million. Such a variety of choices allows you to find a suitable option for any budget.

Buy a ready-made business in Dubai

It is not always easy to make a decision about starting your own business, especially if there is no experience in this area. In this case, you can invest money in a ready-made business. The cost of such a purchase will be higher than when investing in a non-residential fund, but the probability of making a profit is much higher.

A business conducted according to a well-established scheme already has its own customers. When the owner is replaced, it continues to generate income.

There are many popular options for a ready-made business, starting from guest houses and ending with warehouses, auto repair shops, restaurants and cafes. A competent broker will help you choose a direction that gives a stable income and will bring profit in the future.

Resale commercial property investment in Dubai

Commercial fund is profitable for investment:

  • Resale commercial property prices in Dubai are more affordable when comparing the cost of commercial real estate in major cities of Europe and the USA.
  • Extensive business opportunities. The UAE has a favorable taxation system, there are free economic zones.
  • High ROI level of 4-8% per annum.
  • You can buy resale commercial real estate in Dubai and receive regular income from renting it out.

If the rental agreement for a villa in Dubai can be short-term or is concluded for up to a year, then commercial real estate is usually rented for a period of a year or more.

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