Duplexes in Dubai on the secondary market


Sale of secondary duplexes in Dubai, UAE

Dubai remains one of the most attractive emirates of the UAE for foreigners. Real estate in Dubai can be chosen for every taste and budget. Duplexes are in particular demand and belong to the comfort class. Its distinctive feature is a two-level layout. A secondary duplex in Dubai, even with a not-too-spacious area, triumphs over apartments, as it allows you to ergonomically organize the space. At the same time, such properties are often sold on the secondary market at a price lower than newly commissioned new buildings. According to the degree of comfort, the duplex can be compared with a townhouse, in which zoning is carried out for sleeping quarters and common access rooms. Housing is in demand as an option for moving to a permanent place of residence and also as an investment for obtaining passive rental income.

Prices for duplexes in Dubai

If we compare the prices for secondary duplexes in Dubai with the cost of housing in the megacities of Europe and the USA, we can see that the former is more affordable. The price spread is quite large. On average, duplex apartments can be bought for 800,000 to several tens of millions of dollars. For example, in the legendary Burj Khalifa skyscraper, a duplex is being sold at a price of over $13 million. A two-level apartment in the prestigious coastal area of Dubai Marina will cost $1.5–3 million. In Palm Jumeirah, there are ads for the sale of duplexes for $6 to 10 million or more. Prices for such properties in Dubai tend to increase, so do not delay in deciding to purchase. There is a high probability that prestigious housing in the UAE will cost even more in the future.

Lifestyle in Dubai

For Europeans, the climatic conditions of the UAE are usually comfortable. They allow you to completely forget about winter as there are no subzero temperatures, and there is no snow or slush. The lifestyle in Dubai is dynamic. The developed infrastructure allows a diverse social audience to be happy. Pensioners will benefit from a well-developed healthcare system. Young families with kids will be able to find a quality education. There are ample opportunities for young professionals in the emirate to conduct business and build a career. Specialists with a wide range of qualifications are valued in the UAE and it is important to have an international diploma. An additional advantage is a high level of security. Dubai is among the TOP-10 cities in the world with the lowest crime rate. Since most of the population are ex-pats, there are no adaptability issues for newcomers.

Investment in duplexes in Dubai’s secondary market

There are several reasons to buy a secondary duplex in Dubai:

  • Real estate is ready for occupation or to rent out and start making a profit immediately after the transaction is completed. In this case, there are no risks associated with the failure to deliver on deadlines for the properties under construction.
  • Exclusivity of facilities and their limitations in the market provide high liquidity. Duplexes are not present in all skyscrapers where apartments are being built in Dubai. Their number is much smaller, so the demand is consistently high.
  • A high profitability ratio. In the emirate, most of the population consists of visitors. Expats need real estate, and not everyone is ready to buy straight away. Many tourists also prefer comfortable private housing to hotels. Therefore, real estate is in demand all year round and can bring the owner up to 10% of the annual profit.

The final rental rates depend on the degree of prestige of the residential complex in which the duplex is located, and its proximity to the coast and central areas of the city. It is also worth bearing in mind that the emirate's real estate market is on the rise. For the second year, there has been a steady increase in demand and prices. So, if there is a desire to sell a duplex purchased for investment, there will be no difficulties in finding buyers, and the transaction itself will ensure a profit.

Our assistance in buying a secondary duplex in Dubai

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