Penthouses in Dubai on the secondary market


Sale of secondary penthouses in Dubai

In the largest emirate of the UAE, Dubai, there is a wide selection of types of real estate. A variety of properties allows you to choose real estate in Dubai for any budget. The metropolis is known for its skyscrapers. It contains some of the tallest buildings in the world and apartments associated with luxury. The one-story and two-story apartments on the top floor belong to the premium class. They are in demand due to their exclusive layouts and sufficient free space and also the unique view from the windows.

Features and benefits of penthouses

This type of housing appeared for the first time in the 20s of the last century in the USA. It quickly found support among the upper class. The advantages of the penthouse layout are numerous:

  • Separate isolated entrance. As a rule, there is one penthouse on the floor. This allows you to reduce any neighborly contact and provides the owner with the most comfortable lifestyle.
  • Panoramic views. In Dubai, the views are superb, as you can see the sky, modern buildings, and also the seacoast on the horizon.
  • Additional amenities. A lot depends on the specific object. The norm for most penthouses includes a private swimming pool, a spacious terrace, and several rooms for staff or for organizing a home theater, office, and game room.

For foreigners, the sale of secondary penthouses in Dubai is available in free zones. These are communities in which non-residents of the country can own housing by right of ownership, and not by long-term lease. There are over 50 such zones in the emirate, and their number is steadily increasing.

Prices for penthouses in Dubai, UAE

The pricing policy demonstrates a wide range of prices. On average, we can say that villas in Dubai can occasionally be cheaper than housing under a skyscraper roof. Prices for secondary penthouses in Dubai depend on the area, the degree of prestige of the residential complex, and the range of additional services. The following offers can be seen on the market:

  • two-bedroom penthouses priced from $1 million;
  • three-bedroom apartments priced from $1.6 to $4 million;
  • four bedrooms apartments on the top floor with a price from $4 million to $8 million.

It is important to understand that the market is dynamic, and prices can change. It is therefore advisable to clarify the price before the moment of purchase.

Lifestyle in Dubai

Most of the emirate population are ex-pats. The international composition of the country's population makes for a comfortable life for foreigners when moving. There are many communities in the city, while penthouses can be found both in the central areas and on the artificial island line. There is a community for Europeans. In practically any of the districts of Dubai, there is a developed infrastructure, and good transport links. As per the degree of security, the emirate is in the TOP-10 worldwide. The level of comfort can be chosen for any social and age-diverse audience.

Penthouse in Dubai as an investment

Real estate in one of the most actively developing megacities in the world is always in demand. The current and past years have shown an increase in demand for housing in Dubai from both local buyers and foreigners. If before, the leading positions in price growth were budget studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments, the taste preferences of investors have now changed significantly. Exclusive ready-made housing has overtaken the sales under construction. Investments in penthouses in Dubai on the secondary market are potentially profitable:

  • Megapolis is in demand among citizens worldwide. Many people prefer to spend their holidays in comfortable, higher-class rental accommodations than in hotel rooms. The tourist season lasts throughout the year, allowing you to rent apartments profitably.
  • Annual capitalization of value. Exclusivity and limited offers ensure stable price growth. In the first half of 2022, the increase in the cost of apartments on average was 29% compared to the same period last year.

You can buy a penthouse in Dubai for a second time and rent it out or resell it in the future for a substantial profit

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