Townhouses in Dubai on the secondary market


Secondary townhouses for sale in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates attracts foreigners worldwide. The country is not only attractive to tourists. Many people choose real estate in Dubai as a future home for moving to a permanent place of residence or as an investment. Townhouses remain a popular choice for Europeans in Dubai. These are houses in well-maintained residential complexes with developed internal infrastructure. It can include recreation areas, swimming pools, sports, and children's playgrounds. A secondary townhouse in Dubai is an affordable opportunity to move into fully equipped housing.

Secondary townhouses for sale in Dubai

Townhouses are urban low-rise buildings that have side walls in common with their neighbors. The houses also have an isolated entrance and a small plot of land that can be used at your discretion. The number of bedrooms depends on the layout and can be either two or more. In several houses, there are additional rooms for service personnel, which can be used at their discretion. Among the advantages of this housing format are the following:

  • The ability to lead a private lifestyle. Contact with neighbors is minimal.
  • Garage availability or private parking space.
  • A small courtyard that can be used for family leisure or to create a landscaped garden.

A significant reason for buying is the price. The cost of townhouses in Dubai, UAE, is far more affordable compared to villas.

Prices for secondary townhouses in Dubai

The prices for houses are related to the area and location. The following offers can be seen on the market:

  • In Dubai South, a two-bedroom house is priced at only $253,000. At the same time, an object similar in size and layout in Palm Jumeirah is already worth $1.2 million.
  • In Town Square, a three-bedroom house is for sale at $345,000. In Mudon, housing with a similar number of bedrooms is priced at $800,000.

Houses with four bedrooms cost 365 thousand dollars. The price of premium objects can reach several million. In Jumeirah, for example, you can buy a secondary townhouse in Dubai for $4.1 million. The spacious cottage has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

It is important to consider that prices in the region are dynamic and have been steadily growing over the past two years. Therefore, it makes sense to check the prices immediately before buying.

Lifestyle in Dubai

For foreigners, this is a great opportunity to forego winter. A house or apartment in Dubai allows you to apply for a resident visa and live in a country with a developed infrastructure. The lifestyle in Dubai is aimed at a wide social audience. Families with children can find quality education at schools and higher education institutions. A well-developed healthcare system is available for pensioners. Young professionals have ample opportunities to realize their potential in various work areas, including opening their own businesses.

Townhouses for investment

For ex-pats, this is an affordable opportunity to invest money and combat inflation. Among the reasons for investing in townhouses on the secondary market in Dubai are the following:

  • More affordable prices when compared with houses in Europe, and the USA.
  • High profitability ratio when renting out.
  • No taxes on personal income and real estate.
  • The trend of value capitalization. Real estate in the emirate is getting more expensive, enabling you to resell and make a profit.

You do not need to live in the UAE to rent a townhouse. The search for tenants can be entrusted to the management company, which, for a percentage of the transaction amount, will take on all the hassle of looking after the housing and its settlement.

Our assistance in buying a secondary townhouse in Dubai

The catalog presents houses in Dubai for every taste and budget. There are more than 50 free zones in the emirate, in which foreigners can purchase housing in full ownership and dispose of it at their discretion. A convenient filter system in the search bar allows you to select an object in the central areas of the city or on the coast, setting the desired number of rooms and the cost limit. You can choose prices in euros and dollars. Specialists are ready to advise on the acquisition of foreign real estate in real-time. Check out the best sales offers right now!