Secondary villas and houses in Dubai


Resale villas for sale in Dubai

Property for sale in Dubai remains one of the most coveted assets for investors and end-users worldwide. Affordable prices and first-rate amenities are just some of the many benefits of local properties. The city may provide a high return on investment in residential and commercial properties in addition to its bustling nightlife, tourist attractions, and well-developed infrastructure. Owners of these types of real estate can count on a stable rental income and capital growth. Secondary house in Dubai UAE deserves special attention.

The buyer should have a list of requirements before selecting real estate. The first step is determining the location of the unit. Every neighbourhood and community in Dubai has something special to offer. Factors like facility configuration, amenities, and neighbouring infrastructure should also be considered.

There are several luxurious two- to six-bedroom villas for sale in Dubai. While some elite developments occupy more than 1,700 m2, the size of a typical two-bedroom house can range from 130 to 160 m2. The typical height of local villas is one to three floors. In addition to terraces, lawns, and gardens, these properties frequently have parking areas, garages, laundry facilities, swimming pools, and separate maid’s quarters. The majority of villa communities offer a variety of public facilities like playgrounds, parks, clubs, fitness facilities etc to their residents.

It can be challenging for real estate investors to choose between primary and secondary properties. If they are faced with expanding markets where new construction makes up a significant percentage of sales, decision-making may become considerably more challenging. Dubai is exactly this kind of market.

A large number of primary transactions is usually a sign of active economic development, as it shows that new projects are required to meet the rising demand. However, the secondary market also has a huge impact because it indicates that supply and demand are in balance.

For the majority of investors and end-users, reasons for choosing resale properties are as follows :

  1. Attractive prices. Usually, the price of secondary units is between 10% and 30% below the primary market.
  2. Short-term return on investment. Since secondary real estate is less expensive, buyers may see a quick return on their investment and start generating income.
  3. Minimal risks. Investors who select secondary properties are protected against the possibility that the developer will terminate or delay the delivery of the project.
  4. Time-saving.  Time is the most valuable resource for everyone. The investor doesn't have to wait for the paperwork to be received and construction to be finished when purchasing a finished villa.  The owner can immediately start making repairs, look for tenants, or even move in.

Cost of secondary villas in Dubai

The cost of a secondary villa in Dubai can vary anywhere between 1.85 to 95 million AED (from 503.5 thousand to 25.86 million USD). The Ax.Resales catalogue allows you to research current pricing in USD and EUR. Prices are typically influenced by factors such as the facility’s location, the number of bedrooms, and the variety of amenities. The following table shows the common rates:

AreaLocationBedroomsAmenitiesAverage price, AED/USD
778 м2Dubai Marina6Terrace, swimming pool, garden, barbecue area, park view, garage, maid’s room12.86 million / 3.5 million
412 м2Arabian Ranches4Terrace, private lawn, outdoor parking space, barbecue area2.31 million / 629 thousand
542 м2Dubai Hills4Terrace, swimming pool, private lawn, outdoor parking space, dressing room4.44 million / 1.2 million

Assistance with buying secondary house in Dubai

You can learn more about the vast database of housing and commercial real estate on the Ax.Resales website. The online platform provides access to the best offices, retail space, villas, and apartments in Dubai on the secondary market. The Ax.Resales team consists of highly qualified experts with extensive backgrounds. Contact them to receive assistance in selecting a suitable property, support during the transaction, and after-sales service.